From February to June 2015, community members from Goodwood to West Dover, Prospect and Terence Bay were invited to participate in the community-based art project, Shorelines, led by Melinda Spooner, Ariella Pahlke, and various other artists. Shorelines connects locals of all ages with artists to explore our surroundings through art-making.
Through free workshops in visual art, video, music, theatre, art walks and much more, artists and community members collaborated to identify and celebrate key local issues of place and interest. As well as free art workshops, we also hosted conversations with locals to identify local knowledge, local living experiences, and the ecology of the surrounding areas. We aim to celebrate the landscape with longtime and new residents, young and old together, to reproduce local knowledge, to reacquaint with and reimagine place through explorations in art.
 There were several ways to participate in the project; workshops centred around a different theme each month. February focused on the forest, in March we work with the barrens, in April we explored the idea of the shoreline and beach, and May was all about water. Each month’s workshops also incorporated ideas about heritage, sustainability, and a range of different creative activities and art forms.


© Shorelines

Ariella Pahlke & Melinda Spooner